Kids watching cartoons on TV. Image by Victoria Borodinova via Pixabay.

I was asked in 2011 to talk for five minutes, with one slide entitled, “The Future” — something of a challenge, but also an opportunity. I could say anything and not be wrong; not for a while at least. The context was Social Media Week and a panel on social media’s effect on television; a specialist subject at the time.

In accidentally finding the script nearly a decade later, it’s hard to decide if the thoughts were close to the mark or out by a country mile.

It remains true that recommendations and discovery, across all media platforms, remain to…

Listen” by Emily Flores on Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Some years ago, I achieved the distinction of (probably) being the only evangelist to start a conference talk with: “last weekend, I farted”.

Taking a slightly dramatic pause for breath after that statement, giving the audience time to ponder what was coming next, I revealed that not only had a bodily function taken place; somehow a technical function did too — my computer fired up iTunes and started playing The Eagles.

It’s a lovely notion to think that my subconscious was passing judgement on “Hotel California” but in truth, what took place was a classic “false positive”. …

TEDx University of St Andrews, The Byre Theatre, April 26, 2015.

I was asked the other day about how to prepare for talking in public, and more specifically a TEDx talk. So here are some random thoughts on how to go about it, or depending on how you take the advice, how not to…

As someone lucky enough to have been invited, and somehow got through a talk back in 2015, it’s something I’m happy to talk through in terms of preparation and how to get through 18 minutes without any prompts or screens to use as a guide.

Like all TED talks, the setting is familiar — relatively close audience…

The founder of all that we survey on the web, Tim Berners-Lee, said on this site a few years ago that, “Data is the New Links.”

He argued that with the ever-expanding world of data-driven products, and the explosion of graphs and social media, the benefits would only be realized by a positive attitude to sharing the data in an accessible way, without expecting too much in return.

I’ve often been reminded of a quote from the film Threads, which sums up the topic extremely well:

“In a modern society, everything connects. Each person’s needs are fed by the skills…

Two things got me thinking in recent times.

Firstly someone asked me about my Apple Watch and what I actually do with it. To be honest at the start, like many Watch users, it annoyed me into exercising.

A month later this had worn off, the weight was back on, and I’m pondering pawning the watch to pay for the bike I impulse-bought along the way (which will probably have more shelf life).

So clearly continuous notification is something I’ve got wise to and indeed something that’s really started to bug me. …

A digital veteran’s view on modern technology and how it should change the world, not fill the Smithsonian with cat photos. Transcript of a TEDx talk given at TEDx University of St Andrews, April 26, 2015.

The topic is intended to be light-hearted but with an underlying serious message — about how technology has advanced so much, and so many opportunities exist compared to when I started out doing this stuff — but it’s totally under-used.

We could put elephants on Mars tomorrow if we wanted — but instead we Snapchat our parents if there’s no toilet roll in the…

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CEO, The List. Man of many employers; some of them happy. Board member, advisor, small investor and mentor.

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